Hi! I’m a web designer and front-end developer based just outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

In high school, I had this crazy idea about becoming an Illustrator, so I ran away to New Hampshire to got to Art School. Illustration gave way to graphic design, which morphed into web design, which is now being overtaken by a love of development.

Lately, I spend my days pushing pixels and writing code at Lycos. Yes, that Lycos.

If for some reason you’re interested in hearing me complain about traffic and live-tweet the West Wing a couple decades late, you should follow me on twitter.


Nicole Learns Javascript - I’m teaching myself javascript and blogging about it. Because if I don’t blog about it, I’ll get distracted and never do it. Keep me honest, give me hell when I don’t post.

geekroads - This is still in development, but we hope to launch the site this spring. This will be a blog and video series wherein myself and some friends travel to various geeky (we use the term loosely) places and, well, blog and/or make videos about it. We’ll make an announcement on twitter when we launch.

617px - Another in-development project, hopefully to launch soon. This is a collaboration with Scott O’Hara to build a web design and development blog with a Boston-centric theme. Like geekroads, 617px has a twitter on which we’ll announce the official launch of the site.

Acronyms and Philosophy and Such

For the curious, I speak fluent HTML and CSS and am learning to fumble my way around javascript and jQuery. I know php when I see it and can converse with a php powered CMS pretty well. I used to live in Wordpress, but lately I’ve been all about Kirby CMS and Anchor.

I’m a big fan of SASS and know my way around Git. It makes me uncomfortable when things aren’t responsive and yes, you do need to make your content accessible to old IE, but no, it does not neccessarily have to be pretty.