Hi! I’m a web designer and front-end developer based just outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

I literally have dreams about CSS. It’s a problem.

In high school, I had this crazy idea about becoming an Illustrator, so I ran away to New Hampshire to got to Art School. Illustration gave way to graphic design, which morphed into web design, which is now being overtaken by a love of development.

Lately, I spend my days pushing pixels and writing code at Lycos. Yes, that Lycos.

If for some reason you’re interested in hearing me complain about traffic and live-tweet the West Wing a couple decades late, you should follow me on twitter.

Recent Projects

Lycos.com, Corporate Info Section Project Post

Lately, I’ve been doing less and less design work and taking on more of a development role. Lycos recently launched a new home page and Search UI, for which I did most of the front-end development. Take a Look.

LycosTV UPDATED! Project Post

LycosTV is the first new product Lycos has launched in a long time, and it’s still in it’s infancy. What’s up on LycosTV.com right now is an early Beta product. My role on LycosTV is as a secondary designer under our Art Director, and the lead front-end developer for the entire project.

Freelance Services

In an effort to transition from design to development, I’m looking for some freelance development work I can do after my day job. Check the Contact Page for details on the services I offer.