I'm an accidental Web Developer; I wandered into the profession aimlessly and accidentally over the course of a decade, and I figure it must have been fate because despite my lack of planning things have turned out pretty great.

As a kid, I built some absolutely terrible websites on some subject matter that only a 14-year-old would be proud of. They are terrible, as is to be expected, but they gave me a foundation of fledgling HTML and CSS knowledge that I would build upon for the next decade. I started college an Illustration & Graphic Design major, but the school was floundering and Illustration was droppped from the curriculum in favor of Design. I shrugged and went with it, all the while improving my web development and design skills as a hobby on the side, building websites to showcase my art and schoolwork.

By the time graduation rolled around, I had realized two things: 1) I hated print design with the burning passion of a thousand suns and 2) I loved building websites.

After a bit of a post-graduation lull (thank you, Great Recession!), I found my way to Lycos where I worked as a designer and front-end developer for a little over two years. I'm now at COMSOL where I work with a small team of fantastic devs to maintain and improve comsol.com as well as the companies intranet sites and internal web tools.

When I'm not yelling at LESS files, I can be found cooking, hiking, writing, dreaming about houses, watching The West Wing for the thousandth time, and having a bit too much road rage for someone of my decidedly not imposing stature.


My work runs the gamut from purely front-end development where the design is handed to me as a PSD, to maintenance on existing pages, to full-fledge redesigns starting with research and information architecture and following through all the way to front-end development, bug testing, and release.

I use Photoshop for design work, Balsamiq (and plain old pen and paper) for wireframing, Confluence for documentation, JIRA for task management, Sublime for writing code, Git for version control, and Bamboo for pushing to production.

Coyote Hollow Logo 2016

Role: Design, Concept

This is a small part of an ongoing project of mine, and it's in it's infancy, but this site was being dominated by work from my day-job so I wanted to get something a little different into the mix. Coyote Hollow is a personal project of mine whose exact shape I'm not quite sure of but I'm very proud of the illustrative logo I created for it. The logo was drawn by hand in Photoshop CC - I know it really should be a vector, and I intend to vectorize it at some point, but for the hand-drawn, sort of rustic look I was aiming for, raster was the best way to start.

COMSOL Product Download Pages 2015/2016

Role: Design, Development, some Information Architecture | View Live

Revamp and code update for the product download and product update pages of COMSOL.com. Various UI changes were needed to alleviate customer confusion and bring the pages in line with the new visual style of the website.

COMSOL Days 2015

Role: Development | View Live

Marketing pages for a worldwide series of workshop events about the use of COMSOL Multiphysics software. These pages had a short turn-around and were built based on design by the Creative department at COMSOL.

COMSOL 5.1 & 5.2 Release Highlights 2015

Role: Desing, Development, Project Management | View Live

These pages were done in collaboration with my colleagues at COMSOL. I was involved with the design and front-end development of the release highlights for the 5.1 and 5.2 versions of COMSOL Multiphysics. This is a highly technical, complex desktop software for multiphysics simulation, and has similarly complex and technical release information that needs to be displayed in an organized, easily-digestible manner.

The Poet Girl 2010

Role: Design, Development | View Live

Personal/Professional website for a poet, writer, and college professor in southern New Hampshire.


Here's the TL;DR —

I have a BA in Graphic Design from Chester College of New England and am currently a Front-End Web Developer at COMSOL. Before that, I was a Web Designer at Lycos, and before that I freelanced under the name Marginalia Studios.

I'm pretty damn good at all stages of web design, from reasearch, to information architecture, to wireframing, to visual design. My HTML and CSS skills are killer, I'm starting to dig my hands into javascript and jquery, and I'm familiar enough with php to poke around a site built on it without blowing everything up.

Here's the Long Version (PDF), or take a look at my Linkedin profile.


I can be reached at nicolemglynn@gmail.com, and on social media on Twitter and Linkedin. No, I'm not looking for a job (please stop emailing me). I am, however, open to small freelance projects especially of the "write fantastic CSS for this thing I designed" variety.