Project Samples

Bite Size Samplings of design & development projects spanning the last seven years or so. They're travel-sized, for your convenience! More detailed case studies are in the works for some of the more interesting ones.

  • COMSOL Days is a special type of event that required a unique marketing page highlighting the many worldwide locations where it is held.

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    COMSOL Days

    UX Design, CSS, jQuery
  • A small but important project - we were getting a relatively high number of reports of customers downloading a small utility called COMSOL Client when they meant to download the main software, so I redesigned and re-built the download pages to be more clear about what software was being downloaded, and how to find the right version and platform.

    Instances of incorrect downloads dropped off as soon as we went live with the update.

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    Product Download

    UX Design, CSS
  • An ad-supported video streaming service hosting news and entertainment content. The initial design work was done by the creative director and the project was handed off to me for frontend development, and UI design for mobile, the top-left navigation drop-down, and the search interface.

    No live link available, product has since been discontinued


    HTML, CSS, jQuery, Secondary UI Design (Mobile)
  • In 2014, I designed the invitations for my sister's wedding and while I don't really do print work professionally, the typography here is nice enough I've included it for the sake of a little variety.


    Wedding Invitation

    Graphic Design, Typography
  • Like the LycosTV project above, this was one in which my primary role was development of the creative directors design. The project consisted of the lycos home page and company information pages, the home page having been recently replaced with a new design.

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    Lycos Home Page

    HTML, CSS, jQuery, Secondary UI Design (Mobile)
  • In 2013, Lycos had a variety of internal customer service tools - some new, some almost a decade old. This project consisted of creating a single navigation and search bar to unify them, and giving the CSS a facelift to improve legibility until a larger project could be launched to re-build the entire system.

    The front-end facelift of existing tools posed a unique challenge in that - for various reasons involving the legacy backedn - I couldn't change the HTML, only the CSS.

    Internal tool, no live page available

    Customer Service Tools

    CSS, UI Design
  • Tripod is a drag-and-drop website builder that works based on page templates having designated editable areas into which users can drop whatever (and however much) content they like. This flexibility was the primary challenge in designing templates for the system - they had to be well-structured, yet highly flexible.

    The sample above was created for the "Arts & Crafts" category and shows filler content used during the design process.

    Part of web-based software, no link available

    Tripod Styles

    UI Design, CSS