Chester Design Collaborative

Year: 2009;
Client: Personal;
Role: Design, Frontend Development, Org Founder;

This is reaching way back, but I still like the design of this site and the reason it was built, so here it is!

The Chester Design Collaborative - or CDC - was a student group I helped found and run in my senior year at CCNE. The goal of the group was for it to evolve into a fully-fledged on campus design agency, led by students acting both to serve the college community by doing projects for student organizations and faculty, and by giving student experience doing client work outside of the classroom.

We mounted a successful fundraising campaign (student activity funds are doled out to various groups by vote of the entire student body), getting almost the entire amount we were asking for in order to pay for hosting the organizations website and purchasing a large-format, professional printer in order to offer print services as well as web.