Events Calendar

Year: 2016;
Client: COMSOL;
Role: Design & Development;

COMSOL makes a complex physics simulation software. Very complex physics simulation software. As in, "you need an advanced degree in physics or engineering to make use of this" levels of complexity. Because of that, a not insignificant part of the business is holding events to educate users (and potential users) about the software - this is anything from a quick online information session showing a general overview of capabilities, to 2-day lecture style classes, to a yearly 3-day worldwide conference.

Needless to say, an attractive, user-friendly events calendar and registration system is a must The old events calendar got the job done, but it was visually boring, dated, and lacked the robust sorting and filtering options potential attendees needed to find the right event for their needs.

To view the calendar and event landing pages in action, visit comsol.com/events.